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RampRat wrote in message ...
>I am looking for any data that may be available on crashes involving
>Caravelle and Super Caravelle aircraft (apart from those damaged in war
>can anyone offer pointers to this; and a complete listing of operational or
>disposal data for the type?

4 Sept 1963

Airline: Swissair
Model: SE-210 Caravelle III
Registration: HB-ICV
BuNo: 147
Name: Schaffhausen

The exhaust from the engines was used to disperse fog from the runway before
takeoff, using high thrust settings (much higher than normal taxi thrust)
and heavy braking. During the takeoff run the runway was covered in slush.
Because the brakes had overheated during the fog-clearing exercise, the
Caravelle's number 4 wheel (left main, inboard aft wheel) fractured at or
just after the start of the takeoff roll. Because of the low grip, the wheel
did not revolve and instead slid down the runway, overheating the number 4
tyre and bursting it. Hydraulic oil in the left main undercarriage leg
caught fire at about this time. The takeoff seemed normal to the crew, but
when the gear was retracted the fire spread to the number 3 wheel and the
fuel lines, causing an explosion. The fire spread through the underfloor
area and resulted in incapacitation of the flightcrew and complete loss of
control. The Caravelle crashed near Duerrenasch, 19nm SW of the airport. All
80 on board were killed instantly.

summarised from Chapter 3 of Air Disaster Vol 1 by Macarthur Job and Matthew