TWA fleet plans

Date:         17 Mar 99 01:24:30 
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Mike Gammon writes:
>>A318 2000nm range vs 717 HGW 1800nm range is not a significant difference.
> It is in North America!  1800 nm is 2070 sm, whereas most transcon routes in
> N. America are around 2300 sm.  Interestingly, 2000 nm works out to...2300 sm!
> ... If the purpose of your smallish aircraft
> purchase is to be able to offer nonstop service on long, thin transcon city
> pairs, then clearly the 717 at 1800 nm won't cut it!

Hmmmm.... yes, but if you're based in St Louis, then most of your routes to
either coast will be well within the 717's range. Going from STL to the four
corners of the continental US, we have:

STL-SAN 1353 nm
STL-SEA 1485 nm
STL-MIA 928 nm
STL-BOS 909 n

So, TWA could easily use 717s for high-frequency routes to either coast from
its hub.

Stefano Pagiola
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