Re: Model of Flight Technical Error.

Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:25 
From: (Ron Parsons)
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In article <airliners.1999.214@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Rob Wells <> wrote:
>I'm posting the following query from a colleague, as I thought someone
>here might have an answer for him.


>When an aircraft is trying to level off it is likely that the aircraft
>may slightly overshoot the level.  Later, when maintaining the level,
>there will be minor vertical movements, of perhaps +/- 100 feet, which
>the (auto-)pilot of the aircraft cannot eliminate.
>I believe that these errors are called flight technical errors.
>Does anyone have a model for simulating flight technical errors in an
>RVSM scenario?  The model is needed for simulating TCAS events in RVSM

I was flying the Atlantic when use of RVSM began and there was much
aircraft certification involved. I doubt if any of the certified aircraft
would overshoot by 100 feet on an autopilot level off at cruise altitude.

In the for what it's worth department, for economy the Boeing 767 and 757
autopilot has an almost imperceptible altitude change which it uses to
correct small speed variations rather than have the autothrottles adjust
the power. I've never seen the altitude vary more than 20 feet though.