Re: Airframe profitability

Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:23 
From:         "O'NEEL Bruce" <>
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  One possible source for this, for Boeing at least, is the SEC 10K
reports.  The most recent, ending 31/12/97 filed in 3/98 is at

US listed companies give a lot of information in the 10K and 10Q

Airbus, not being listed on a US stockmarket, doesn't file such
reports with the SEC.

Marc Schaeffer writes:
> I wonder if anyone has exact data on when the different airframes B707 -
> B777 and A300 - A340 reached/will reach the program profitability. IIRC
> the B737NG series will reach it at 800 produced frames.

On page 35:

... (400 aircraft each for the 777 and the Next-Generation
737). Additionally, a pretax forward loss of $700 million was
recognized in the third quarter of 1997 for the Next-Generation 737
program. Consequently, there will be no gross profit for this program
until the program- commitment accounting quantity is extended beyond
the initial 400 units....

This doesn't quite answer your question though.  It probably would
take someone sitting down with a few years of 10Ks and a calculator
and working for a while :-(

Not quite related, but, on Page 65 under "You think you have IRS

Income taxes have been settled with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
for all years through 1978, and IRS examinations have been completed
through 1987.  In connection with these examinations, the Company
disagrees with IRS proposed adjustments, and the years 1979 through
1987 are in litigation.