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Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:14 
From:         "Peter Mchugh"<>
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Reference to seat belts provokes a soapbox comment....

About 60% of all non-fatal, Part 121 accidents in the last 10 years are
related to turbulence (or turbulence like events)...all but a couple of
the injuries which define these "accidents" were to passengers (or cabin
crew) not wearing seatbelts.... and in most cases, the seat belt sign
was illuminated.

As those of you who are Captains hear the words often used during climb
in conjunction with turning off the seatbelt signs.... " I've just
turned off the seat belt signs and you are free to get up and move about
the cabin.... though, as we do in the cockpit, when you are in your seat
we recommend that you keep your seatbelt loosely fastened about you...."
you might reflect on the philosophy suggested by the words "free to get
up and move about the cabin..."!

I am a strong advocate of different words..."I've just turned off the
seat belt sign.  Please remain in your seat with your belt securely
fastened unless you have a physiological need to visit the lavatory".

And as an aside, it is not so much the individual who ignores the
seatbelt sign I'm most interested in protecting ... its the others who
are injured when some inconsiderate person is launched, by turbulence,
wake or abrupt maneuver, down the aisle to crash into and injure an
unsuspecting but compliant passenger.

BTW,  I know of only two turbulence instances where passengers wearing
seatbelts were injured in conjunction with seat belt failure.

OK, I've gotten this off my chest....thanks