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Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:13 
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"Brian Maddison" <> wrote:
> >(Avro was the name of one of the companies that now is BAe.  AFAIR the 146
> >was originally a Hawker-Siddeley product)
> >
> De Havilland actually did the initial design before H-S was formed. That's
> why 146s were originally Hatfield builds. Avro is just a marketing thing,
> that original company never had anything to do with the 146 although the RJ
> is now built at Woodford which I suppose qualifies it for the Avro name.

Not quite. DH was already Hawker Siddeley by the time the 146 was designed,
and the 146 was initially known as the HS.146. Later, HS became part of BAe,
so the aircraft became the BAe 146.

It's correct that the 146 was initially produced at Hatfield, in the same
building used for the DH Comet. By the time the Avro name was adopted,
however, construction had shifted to Woodford, near Manchester, which I
suppose did make the Avro name slightly more appropriate. But essentially,
you're right that Avro was just a marketing name. Note that at one point, the
Avro RJ was being marketed by a company that called itself "Avro
International". Now, after the AI(R) interlude, this aircraft is being
marketed by BAe Regional Aircraft, and "Avro RJ" is just a model name, with
no suggestion that "Avro" is the builder's name. Confused?

Stefano Pagiola
All opinions are my own.