Quality Control of Delivered Airliners

Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:10 
From:         meandgp@eskimo.com
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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I'm a resident of Everett, Washington living near the wide body assembly
plant for Boeing.  Does anyone know the regulations/company policy regarding
test flying before delivery?  I see several heavy aircraft in the Airline
livery but never see any flight testing conducted.  Is their a shakeout
proceedure before the Airlines accept delivery?  Also if flight testing is
done to green airplanes how can they simulate center of gravity issues
without a full pax load/or cargo.  Doesn't that figure in to MAC/LMAC/CG
performance?  Finally how can alumigrip or imron paint be applied to green
aircraft in such a damp invironment of the Northwest?