Re: AA 777-200IGW

Date:         11 Mar 99 03:54:01 
From:         RampRat <>
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James Matthew Weber <> wrote in message
>>Another one...
>>main gear bogeys carry six tyres and not four like the 767. Until the newer
>>Airbus variants come online it is unique in this configuration for a Western
>>manufactured aircraft.
>That assumes the wheels are easily visible. However the tail empenage on
>the 777 is unique among Boeing  designed Aircraft  in that it is NOT
>circular (looks very similar to an MD-80).

All valid but the post did refer to one parked up!!!
There also seems to be a pronounced slope towards the cockpit area on the
upper fuselage, much more noticeable than on the 767.

As an industry employee and childhood enthusiast, has anyone else
experienced that sadness that aircraft no longer seem to posess their
distinctive features? After all a 767, 777, A330 and even (for us myopic
types) A300/310 all look much the same; whereas a 727 or DC8-63 were
instantly recognisable even from some distance! Technology may be evolving
towards ideal configurations but that magical quality has lately been lost
to those of us who loved the classic ships of the 60s to the 80s.