Re: Silk Air flight 185 crash

Date:         03 Mar 99 10:19:32 
From: (Steve Kropla)
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On 13 Feb 99 02:25:54 , (Gerard Foley)

>James Matthew Weber ( wrote:
>: "They lead to the conclusion that only deliberate action by a
>: crewmember could have resulted in the steep descent profile that the
>: 737-300 experienced before it crashed on the island of Sumatra,
>: according to persons familiar with the tests."
>Was a CVR recovered from this aircraft?

Yes.  Both CVR and FDR had apparently been turned off while the plane
was in level flight, just before it began to dive.  This discovery was
one of the first things that led to the development of the suicide

Steve Kropla
Kingwood, Texas USA
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