Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:49 
From:         "Ron" <>
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
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I was on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Los Angeles last night.
The flight took off on time, landed on time, took the high speed exit from
runway 25L and then we sat on the high speed taxiway for about 45 minutes.
No explanation from the cockpit or flight attendants.  The passengers were
P.O'd to say the least.

Does anyone know what could cause the airplane to sit on a high speed
taxiway between 25L and 25R for 45 minutes?  There was a small amount of
cross-traffic taking off on 25R, but not a lot, only 8 planes over a period
of 45 minutes.  There was plenty of time for ground control to allow us to
cross 25R between the planes taking off.

Anyone else have this frustrating experience?