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Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:45 
From:         JCSflyboy <>
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Yes, most tiller's return to center. During the T/O and Landing rolls,
the tiller is locked-out until the Airspeed is 60 knots or less. So, if
your IAS is 60 or more, the rudder is used for directional control.
Nosewhell brakes? They don't exist on large aircraft. Only the main gear
has the brakes.

The brakes are at the top of each rudder pedal. They require some "toe
pressure". During normal taxi operations, you shouldn't even need to use
differential braking. That is, if your controlling your taxi-speed
properly. Of course, you gotta do what's necessary to make certain

The brakes also get hot pretty quick. So, the more you use them on your
way to the runway, the better your chances for some hot brakes. That's
why you may see an airliner take-off and climb out with the wheels down.
The wheels and brakes have to be below a certain temperature before they
are retracted into the wheelwell.