Re: Ground handling

Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:44 
From: (PS2727)
Organization: AOL
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The nosewheel tiller is spring loaded to center when on the ground. It
locks centered on gear retraction, so landing with the tiller out of
neutral is not a problem.

There is always a small amount of nosewheel steering with rudder pedal
( 6 degrees on 767 and 7 on 757 ) to allow for takeoff and landing
without using the tiller. This also allows for automatic rollout on
autopilot for autolandings as the autopilot will move the rudder pedals.
The tiller is usable at any speed after touchdown but wouldn't be a good
idea until slower because of overcorrecting and a wild ride!

The tiller will override rudder pedal nosewheel steering ( if the rudder
pedals are full right and the tiller is moved left the plane will go
left.  Differential braking is available and can be used to hold the
centerline but is not the best way (it causes tire wear).