Re: 727 v-speeds

Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:40 
From: (AV8RMike)
Organization: AOL
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>From: (Jeff Meeker)
>What about speeds like Vx, Vy, Vfe, etc.??  Are these calculated for
>the 727, or is it a simple book lookup value like it is in a single
>engine Cessna??

The terms Vx and Vy are not used in transport category aircraft.  The max flap
speeds are, or course, different for each flap setting.

The flap speeds for a basic  727-200 are:

230, 215, 205, 185, 185, 175  (KIAS)
for flaps
2,    5,     15,    25,   30,   40, respectively.

Some 727's have a flap 20 position, and most operators do not use the flap 40
position.  Some 727-200 Advanced have higher flaps speeds, e.g. 245 for flaps