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Date:         13 Jan 99 02:13:36 
From: (John Wright)
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On 29 Dec 98 03:12:20 , in <airliners.1998.1890@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Marc
Schaeffer wrote:
>What were the different development steps for the 707 wings. IIRC the
>first versions had no leading edge slats, which first appeared on the
>707Bs (?). Other than addition and modifications of slats and flaps, was
>the wing configuration (span, area, proportions ...) modified. If yes
>what series had which wings.

The picture I have of the 367-80 on its first flight certainly shows no
sign of leading edge slats or flaps. It was though equipped with small
inboard ailerons, larger outboard ailerons, and spoilers. (and flaps of
course...) This aircraft was also used for many tests of wing
configuration, including fixed slats at various angles, blown flaps, and
later seems to have been fitted with normal retracting leading edge
slats. Its wingspan was 129ft 8in.

The initial production 707-100s had leading edge Kreuger flaps 12 feet
long inboard of the outboard engines. The 100B had additional Kreuger
type flaps and a revised inboard leading edge. The -300 had a larger
wingspan, 142ft 5in cf.  the 130ft 10in of the 100/200. The "Advanced
707-300B" wing was even longer with a span of 145ft 9in. The 300B also
introduced "additional and wider leading edge flaps, and revised
trailing edge flaps", and the wing leading edge outboard of the outer
engines was extended by five inches forward. It also had curved
wingtips. (mostly from Peter M. Bowers Boeing Aircraft since 1916")

John Wright