737 approach speeds

Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:30 
From:         andyweir <andyweir@compuserve.com>
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I would be grateful for the help of 737 operators on this.
As I understand it, the NTSB had test-flights carried out as part of the
investigations into UAL 585 737 crash at Colorado Springs in 1991 and that
of USair 427 near Pittsburgh in 1994. They showed that 190 knots, the speed
being used by US427 on its approach (it was at 6000 feet when the upset
occurred) was not fast enough for the ailerons to counteract the effects of
a rudder hardover. I read that many airlines, or pilots on their own
initiative, added 10 knots to their approach speed so as to ensure full
aileron authority in the event of a rudder hardover.
I realise approach speeds will vary according to different circumstances,
but does anyone out there know whether 737s are still being flown at higher
speeds on final approach than before the NTSB info came out? If so, is it
just according to the tastes of the airline's chief pilot, or is it more
rigorous than that?
Thanks in advance,
A Weir