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Date:         13 Jan 99 02:13:35 
From:         David Lednicer <>
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Marc Schaeffer wrote:
> What were the different development steps for the 707 wings. IIRC the
> first versions had no leading edge slats, which first appeared on the
> 707Bs (?). Other than addition and modifications of slats and flaps, was
> the wing configuration (span, area, proportions ...) modified. If yes
> what series had which wings.

	I have recently built CFD models of the KC-135 and 707-320C, so I think
I have this figured out.  Here is my take:

1) The 367-80 had a swept trapezoidal wing with a small inboard trailing
edge chord extension and a root trailing edge fillet.  The wing airfoils
were NACA 63, 64 and 65-series with modified camber lines.  Span is
130'.  I can't tell if the 367-80 started life with leading edge
devices, though it had them later in life.

2) The C-135 series has almost the same wing, but the span is slightly
greater (130' 10"), as the fuselage is wider.  There are two Kruger flap
panels inboard of the inboard pylon, two inboard of the outboard pylon
and four on the outboard wing.  There are no Krugers outboard of the
inboard pylon or at the wing root.

3) The 707-120 series also has the same wing.  Span is listed as being
the same as the C-135 (130' 10").  This seems strange, as the 707 has a
wider fuselage than the C-135.

4) The 720 had a glove added over the root leading edge area, to
increase the wing's drag divergence Mach number.  Otherwise, the wing is
the same as the 707-120.

5) The 707-320 introduced a extensively modified wing.  The planform now
has a trailing edge "Yehudi", where the chord is extended inboard.  Span
is also increased to 145' 8.5".  Two more Kruger panels added inboard of
each pylon, increasing spanwise coverage.

6) The 707-320C had a leading edge droop added outboard of the outboard

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