Re: External inspection

Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:22 
From:         "P. Wezeman" <>
Organization: The University of Iowa
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On 13 Feb 1999, Navion1217 wrote:

> >	Another point: as far as I know, the angle of attack indicator
> >was usable on the airliner with the plugged static ports. I have
> >heard that Navy pilots (they prefer to be called aviators) are
> >taught to use angle of attack as the primary reference when landing.
> I don't think the B757 (or any other airliner) gives the pilot direct
> indications of the AOA. The sensor is used by the stall warning system, not to
> drive a cockpit gauge.

	Seems pound foolish to have an AOA sensor but just use it for
stall warning when with a proper display it can be used for stall
avoidance. Do airline pilots have some objection to AOA displays that
I'm not aware of? I would think that since so many are ex-military
that they would be strong advocates of the devices.

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