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Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:20 
From: (Ralf Sipple)
Organization: Sipple Aviation & Engineering
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Andrew Ayers <> wrote:
> phases. Be aware that each airline may have it's own policy. The first chime

but it's interesting how different airlines do this and that.

> after takeoff is at the end of the takeoff phase, typically just after
> 1500ft. This is to let the cabin attendent know that the takeoff phase is
> complete.

we used to cycle the no smoking sign passing 5k (transition altitude in
Germany), the FAs then made the no-smoking-reminder-announcement. One
day one of our bosses had the idea to simply let them make this
announcement 3 minutes after takeoff.  That saved the first chime.

>The next chime is passing through 10,000ft. We have another

10k seat belts off

> passing back through 10,000ft on the way back down and finally one just

leaving cruising altitude, at the latest passing 10k: saet belts on
(they really give us so much freedom in the way of operating this airplane ;-) )

> prior to landing after the gear comes down. Like I said, each airline has

we believe our FAs are capable of recognising the rumbling noise of the gear
coming down and thus also omit this chime now.

Viele Gruesse,


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