Re: cabine chimes

Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:19 
From:         Tim Vasquez <>
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At 02:25 AM 2/13/99, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM wrote:
>You should hear 2 chimes during the initial climb : 1st after gear
>retraction (automatic) or later (manual) when the no-smoking goes off then
>at 10000ft (automatic) or later (manual) when the seat belt sign goes off.

On two recent Delta MD-88 flights I noticed that the chimes consistently
sounded when passing through 16,000 ft rather than the 10,000 ft that I
had expected.  This was according to my GPS (accuracy within 1500 ft).

I do remember on the Key Airlines 727-100's (which I flew very frequently
several years ago) they were always set for 10,000 ft.

Tim Vasquez
Norman, OK