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Date:         22 Feb 99 03:30:13 
From:         "David Fielding" <>
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Andrew Goldfinger <> wrote in article <airliners.1999.187@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> I would guess that the first aircraft (fixed wing, not airship) to carry
> a toilet was a passenger carrier, and hence within the purview of this
> newsgroup.  Does anyone know which one it was?

I'm not sure if it was the first, but the Ford Trimotor had one. When you
lifted the lid, you got to look directly out the bottom of the plane,
bombardier-style. I presume that it was quite drafty, and that any
evacuated matter (note genteel euphemism) was allowed to fall to earth
somewhere along your route.

And you thought airport NOISE was a problem.

David Fielding