Re: Help: Redundant Civil Aircraft Storage

Date:         13 Feb 99 02:26:14 
From:         "Stephen Gilkes" <>
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Zeus <> wrote ...
> Could anyone tell me where in Nevada or Arizona the large surplus
>commercial aircraft stoage air field is? Is it possible to visit this
>  I know of the obsolete military aircraft storage air field at
>Davis-Monthan AFB (out of Tucson), but I understand there is a separate air
>field for redundant commercial planes somewhere.

The place you're thinking off is the Evergreen Air Centre at Marana (now
designated the Pinal Air Park) in Arizona. When I was In Arizona last year I
could see the tails of the planes in the distance from Interstate 10 north
of Tucson.

Funnily enough, there is a very good article about the Centre in this
month's Airways magazine. Unfortunately, a footnote to the article clearly
states that there is **absolutely** no public access or tour are offered. A
real shame because I'd love to have a look around.