Re: A3XX - to launch, or not to launch

Date:         13 Feb 99 02:26:01 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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At 02:49 AM 2/8/99 +0000, you wrote:
><> wrote in message <airliners.1998.1752@ohare.Chicago.COM> ...
>>Garry Forrest <> writes:
>>>Recall that arch rivals Pratt and GE have collaborated; if they can do
>>>it, anyone can do it.

Perhaps, but so far there are NO applications for the product and it isn't
clear there will ever be any anyway. As long as the program doesn't obvious
take sales money away it is harmless.  the ones that did compete haven't
done as well.

>>Or more tellingly, GE and SNECMA.

The CFM product put them in markets neither had been active in previously,
so it was a win/win.

GE/RR had a very short life. It ended up aimed at markets they were both
active in.

>AND RR and P&W!

The PW6000 and PW8000 programs suggest that IAE may be headed for the rocks.
It looks aimed squarely at the V2500.

>The RR/BMW alliance is looking mighty promising for lower
>end powerplant these days.

Again, another problem for IAE. BR family impinges on the low end of the
v2500 market.

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