Re: U.S. Opposes Aircraft Engine Rules

Date:         13 Feb 99 02:26:00 
From: (David Lesher)
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>	WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States called on the European Union
>on Tuesday to withhold new aircraft engine rules it was poised to
>adopt, saying they would harm U.S. air carriers and trample on
>existing international guidelines.

[The EU is banning Hush Kits. Nothing said about re-engining.]

>	``A thorough analysis of the situation shows that hush-kitted
>aircraft perform worse that current production airplanes in terms
>of fuel burn and air pollution,'' the European Union said in a

>	U.S. officials and U.S. airlines object for a variety of
>reasons, including the claim that the European Union is attempting
>to spur sales by Airbus Industries, the European airplane
>	However, Airbus itself opposes the EU rules.

[NW and FedEx are upset]

>	U.S. airlines are buying hundreds of new planes and installing
>hush kits on older models because the federal government has
>required that all jets operating in the country meet more stringent
>noise standards known as Stage 3 as of Jan. 1, 2000.

Wonder if this will ship the balance toward re-engining??

How about price of used airframes?
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