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Date:         13 Feb 99 02:25:58 
From:         "Andrew Ayers" <>
Organization: Netcom
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> Not having crewed or trained beyond the Instrument level as a Private Pilot,
> could any of you point out  the myriad of bells/chimes one typically hears
> on a normal Part 121 flight.  I am aware obviously of the flight attendant
> call button noise but is the initial chime heard while still climbing the
> 10k or first clearance altitude?

I am a Part 121 pilot and we use the cabin chime for a variety of flight
phases. Be aware that each airline may have it's own policy. The first chime
after takeoff is at the end of the takeoff phase, typically just after
1500ft. This is to let the cabin attendent know that the takeoff phase is
complete. The next chime is passing through 10,000ft. We have another
passing back through 10,000ft on the way back down and finally one just
prior to landing after the gear comes down. Like I said, each airline has
it's own checklist policy which would dictate when the chime is sounded, but
that's the general idea. Hope that helps.

Andrew Ayers