Re: Mystery over 1992 El-Al crash

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:44 
From:         "Roy Ellor" <>
Organization: Tesco ISP
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Alan Strange <> wrote in message <airliners.1998.1746@ohare.Chicago.COM> ...
>David Lesher wrote:
>> Per NPR All Things Considered...
>> The Dutch press and Los Angeles Times reporter Carol Williams have
>> been looking into mysteries surrounding the 1992 El Al crash in
>> Amsterdam. [Moderator; add date/details??]
>I saw a programme on Tv about this , called 'Disaster' I think.
>It certainly should protective-suited men around the accident site,
>while the fire crews were told to stay back.
>There were also doubts as to why the pilot had not ditched in a large
>lake, rather than return to the airport with 2 engines missing.

The cargo of this freighter was, supposedly, perfumes!
Like perfume cannot be shipped by sea....???