Re: SR111 question

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:42 
From:         Larry Stone <>
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On 1 Feb 1999, JF Mezei wrote:

> Without instruments and with overhead stuff melting onto pilots, my
> *guess* is that the decided to ditch in the ocean and they probably
> turned right into a circle because they may have used the lights from
> boeys/towns as indication of ground.5 Minutes to drop 10k feet means
> 2000k feet per minute which is reasonable. They probably misjudged their
> descent rate vs altitude and they hit the water while still descending,
> hence the total destruction of plane into pieces and why tail would end
> up near the nose.

I'm glad you said that was a guess but IMHO, it is a very misinformed
guess and is based on absolutely no public, factual information. I've
heard nothing to suggest anything you've guessed at. While everything
you've said is possible, my flying experieince, albeit only in light
planes as a pilot, says it's pretty improbably.

And while I don't want to guess, I do have to say that what I've read
suggests an out-of-control impact, not a controlled flight into the water
due to loss of situational awareness.

I'm trying to resist flaming you but this has to be one of the most
uninformed, irresponsible posts I've seen in a long time from you.

-- Larry Stone