airplane structural terms

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:40 
From: (boeing707)
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Hi everybody.
I've come across a few terms relating to the fuselage and wing
structure of airplanes that I dont understand. Can somebody please
define the following terms:
1. Mean Aerodynamic chord (relating to wing structure)
2. Percent of mean aerodynamic chord (%MAC) (i think this relates to
wing loading)
3. Wing incidence
I've also seen some blueprints for the 707 (the greatest airplane ever
made :)  ) and saw two abbreviations that i did not understand:
1. STA (relating to fuselage) and how are the STA numbers determined?
2. WPL (relating to wing) and how are the WPL numbers determined?
I appreciate any help you may give me.

Ken Smith
ramp agent - USAirways (FLL)
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