KLM-PA Accident

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:39 
From:         "Jerry" <jmax@southwind.net>
Organization: SouthWind Internet Access, Inc.
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Saba:  Tried to reply once.  Not sure it went.  Will try again. just a
little additional on the Tenerife accident.  The heavies were on the ground
at this airport (Los Rodeos) after having been diverted from their intended
landing at Las Palmas due to a bomb explosion there.  Much delay on the
ground at Los Rodeos.  Everybody fuming.  Both crews bumping up against crew
duty time, especially KLM.  After the O.K. to leave Los Rodeos, KLM decides
to refuel.  Trouble was, he had Pan Am blocked in.  Finally, in fog, KLM was
cleared to taxi the length of the runway. line up and hold.  PAA was cleared
to follow behind KLM and exit at the last taxiway exit.  KLM called for
clearance and started to roll before getting the readback complete.  The
Dutch First Oficer had the good sense to call this to the Captain's
attention.  So far so good, but again, without clearance, KLM started to
roll.  The First Officer held his peace this time, but the Flight Engineer
wasn't so sure.  He asked the Captain, who confidently declared that PAA was
clear of the runway.  PAA is hearing all this and getting puckered to their
seats. They can't see too far ahead and aren't sure of KLM's intentions.
PAA Captain remarks:  "After holding us up, now HE's in a hurry!" Finally,
through the fog, the PAA First Officer sees KLM's lights. They tried to
clear the runway in  a hard left turn but KLM had rotated and sheared right
across the top of PAA.  The rest, as they say.......  This is probably more
than you wanted to know, but thought I'd pass it along.  Terrible accident.
Regards, Jerry. jmax@southwind.n