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Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:35 
From: (Henning Curti)
Organization: University of Hamburg -- Germany
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On 01 Feb 99 02:37:33 , Saba <sabanayagam@usa.ZEEnet> wrote:

>Saw this program sometime back about worst airline crashes ever.
>This is about a KLM jet on takeoff crashing into a BA or TWA ( i don't
>remember ) jet which was taxiing to the other end of the runway because
>inavailability of taxiways or something - killing some hundreds of

It was the 1977 crash at Tenerife between a KLM 747 and a PanAm 747.
IIRC both planes were rerouted from Las Palmas/Gran Canary because LPA
was closed (weather conditions etc.)

Extensive infos at