Re: TWA & regular "unscheduled" refuelings in Gander

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:28 
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> This morning I heard on the radio that there is a class action suit
> brought by passengers of the TWA NYC-Tel Aviv flights.  Apparently,
> these "unscheduled" stops at Gander are so common that the plaintiffs
> claim that TWA should not advertise these flights as "non-stop".  The
> radio was talking about 747s, but perhaps they meant 767s.

It was 747s. TWA stopped flying 747s about a year ago. JFK-TLV was the last
route to use them. The stops in question weren't at Gander but at Shannon.
Incidentally, TWA was also using this as a crew change point as well.

The last several months of the 747 several trips a week were shown in CRSs as
having a techinical stop at SNN, but not all of them.

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