Re: CFM56 on military 707s? (was: Re-engining 747s)

Date:         13 Jan 99 02:13:28 
From: (John Wright)
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On 29 Dec 98 03:12:22 , in <airliners.1998.1892@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Stephen H.
Westin wrote:
>kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>> The sole 707-700 was converted to a 707-3W6C, including engines of
>> older, less efficient design, and delivered to the Moroccan government
>> on March 10, 1982.  While the commercial offering was all but stillborn,
>> the plane no doubt contributed to CFM56 conversions on the KC135 and
>> various military versions of the 707.
>As I recall from AW&ST of the time, the pylons from the 707-700 flight
>test aircraft were turned over to the KC-135R project. But I don't
>know of any military 707's with CFM56's; were/are there any? Perhaps
>our friends at Boeing would know...

The 7 E-3 AWACS planes operated by the Royal Air Force as the Sentry
AEW1 have CFM-56s 2A2s, the E-3 being based on a 707 airframe rather
than 717/KC135 types.  Also CFM powered are the five KE-3As operated by
the Royal Saudi Air Force (used as tankers rather than surveillance
aircraft) and presumably (no pictures or other data other than
construction numbers to hand) also the 4 E-3As operated by France. The
18 operated by NATO would appear to be TF33 powered, but these are
older, being built between 1981-84, as opposed to 1989-90 for the RAF
ones. USAF AWACS planes, including E3-Bs, were all built before even the
NATO planes, so all are (AFAIK) TF33 powered.

I also have a picture of a US Navy E-6A with CFCM-56s - these were built
new, but many of the E-8s were built using old civilian 707-300
airframes, so have JT3D/TF33 engines.

John Wright