Re: Snowstorms and electrical charges

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:14 
From: (Jeff Meeker)
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On 01 Feb 99 02:37:14 , (D.M. Procida) wrote:
>This was posted in alt.folklore.urban:
>>>...  If you sandblast a metal object which is insulated from ground,
>>>expect that object to become electrified. Very cold, "dry," blowing
>>>snow would be expected to electrify the surface of any  object which
>>>was composed of a non-ice material.

Flying through anything (clouds, dust, smoke, etc) can generate a
static builup.  That is why planes will have little static discharge
wicks to disipate the built up charge.  I suppse if the build up was
more than the wicks could handle, some sort of electrical disturbance
could occur.