Re: NK-144 = afterburning NK-86?

Date:         08 Feb 99 02:49:10 
From:         westin* (Stephen H. Westin)
Organization: Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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"G.J.Carty" <> writes:

> I've noticed that the Kuznetsov NK-86 turbojet (as used in the Il-86 -
> the only turbojet-engined widebody) has 28000 lb thrust; similar to the
> non-afterburning thrust of the original NK-144 engine, used in the
> Tu-144 (later the NK-144 was 33000 lb basic, with 44000 lb in 'burner).
> I'm wondering, was the NK-86 just a non-afterburning NK-144, or was it a
> different design of engine altogether?

But the NK-144 isn't a turbojet; it's a low-bypass turbofan. This was
one of the mystifying designe decisions in the design of the Tu-144;
the bypass presumably made the engines more efficient at low speeds,
but sacrificed high-speed efficiency to do so.

-Stephen H. Westin
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