Re: Strange 707 at Burbank

Date:         31 Dec 99 17:11:19 
From:         Tim Pearson <>
Organization: Running With Scissors, Inc.
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"Gary Watson" <> writes:
: Thee is another hush kit builder in Colorado called Really Quiet
: who have a rather bizarre looking modification when the mixer
: shroud slides back 5 feet to the end of the ejector tube during
: take off and landing.

Sounds like the arrangement that was employed by the early, turbojet-
powered DC-8s.  They had a translating ring that operated exactly as
you describe, and did double duty as a target-type thrust reverser.

I've always been curious about the operation and rigging of these
DC-8 noise attenuators.  It's never been clear to me whether they
were manually operated or automatic, and if the latter, whether
they moved strictly as a function of throttle position or if there
were other criteria (say, landing gear down).