Re: QF Flight Engineers Dying?

Date:         31 Dec 99 17:11:18 
From:         "Russell Short" <>
Organization: The Internet Group (Sydney)
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Erika <> wrote ...
>> It has arisen that 13 flight engineers flying for QF have died in the last
>> six years of brain tumours. Another unspecified amount have had cancerous
>> tumours removed by the various medical means available.
>> According to a QF Senior Technical Specialist in avionics, fears have been
>> around for years regarding electric and magnetic fields around the FE panel
>> in the 747 Classic (and indeed other 3-crew aircraft).
>IY may be so ,but i know a QF engineer who is on the net all the time hes
>home here in Sydney...wants more electronic punishment,eh.

Seriously, having now spoken to the wife of a dead QF flight engineer, I am
more surprised that more hasn't been done to shield these people from
electromagnetic radiation. The poor woman is convinced that her husband was
a slow victim of radiation in the cockpit. Of the 13 flight engineers that
died at QF over a period of six years (one had been retired for six months,
another for a year), ALL had tumours develop in the front lobes of their
brain, suggesting that the electromagnetic radiation came from directly in
front and/or above*.

*Note: secondary information gathered from the wife.

I know where *not* to carry my mobile phone....