Airliner Safety Stats

Date:         31 Dec 99 17:11:16 
From:         andyweir <>
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What you want is the AirClaims data. AirClaims produce the stats for the
insurance industry from a variety of sources, and sometimes out of date
copies can be had. Current ones are available at very high cost indeed from
their offices near Heathrow. As the notes to the tables emphasise, however,
the data do not permit any statistically valid comparison of the relative
safety of different aircraft types. There is too much variation in the
causes of crash that cannot be related to the design or manufacture. The
most that can be done, in terms of safety comparisons by type, is to
compare different generations of jet, e.g. the early narrow-bodies versus
the later wide-bodies. It is only by taking very broad categories like that
that you generate sufficient numbers for the outcomes to be statistically