Re: First thing you do is R&R an engine on a new plane?

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:23 
From: (Afwtul1)
Organization: AOL
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>"A lot of airlines also replace one engine as their first act upon
>receiving a new twin, just in case someone at the factory screwed
>The only airline I know of that ever did this was Maude Friggard's
>Storm Doors, Drain Gutters, Asphalt Paving and Airlines Co.
>Evidently, this writer is a former employee of MFSDDGAP&Air.

I'd have to agree with Jack, I've pulled many a acceptence checks on
767's, and the last thing I can think of an airline doing is pulling off
a perfectly good 6-8 million dollar engine and putting another one on.

Beside's if the original poster is not aware, engines when there new or
overhauled spend some time in the test cell, then there hung on the wing
and run up again by the mechanics, then at the airline I'm at, they
usually make a domestic run, or the first 60 mins of an ETOPS flight
must remain over land.