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Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:30 
From:         "Ron" <>
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EMTGX wrote in message ...
>Has it been made public yet what killed the passengers of SR111?
>Was it impact, smoke inhalation or drowning?
>Is it possible that SR111 hit the water like the Eastern L-1011 hit the
>Everglades swamp, meaning that the emergency (real this time) distracted
>the crew?

No,  the Canadian Transportation Safety Board has not completed their

There has been some speculation that the fire in the cockpit was so intense
that it actually drove the crew out of the cockpit, but there has been
nothing official on that yet.  The poor crew really had their hands full,
cockpit on fire, #2 engine off-line, electrical problems...etc.  It's no
wonder that the plane crashed.