Re: A330 vs. B767

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:15 
From:         James Weber <>
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>    I think the bigger wing on the 767 also gives it better climb
>performance.  I have heard, but never confirmed, that it can frequently be
>difficult to get clearances to higher altitude in some areas of Europe, so I
>suppose if you can take off and get very rapidly to altitude in a small
>space you eliminate a hassle and don't have to cruise along at 18,000 feet
>for 500 miles.

I don't know about Europe, but it happens over the 'golden triangle'
in the USA frequently (Chicago,New York, Washington), where being able
to go directly to FL410 gets you over the traffic jam. A low weight
767 can and does that. An Airbus aircraft gets up there only in
someone's dreams...