Re: A330 vs. B767

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:14 
From:         Brute! <>
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On 17 Dec 99 01:57:55 , "Robert Wright" <> wrotd:
>>who knows, it all depends how desperate Boeing is in selling some more
>>767-400's, and may be the 767-400 is cheaper on the shorter flights then
>>A330 ?.
>    I think the 767-400 is pretty much always cheaper to operate at a given
>distance than the A330.  It's a smaller airplane overall, with smaller
>engine (in terms of weight and frontal area=drag).  Of course, the A330 has
>a lot more room for cargo and fuel, so it will always have a capacity and
>range adcantage.  The 767 is about as stretched as it's going to get, and
>there's not much extra range to be had either.  So, as usual, the choice
>comes down to the specifics of the airline's needs.  If you want very tight
>control of seat/mile costs and don't need extreme range you go with the 767.
>If, however, you are looking for the same size (passenger count) airplane
>but need every bit of range you can get, you go for the A330.

The A330 is almost the exact same size as the 777-200, whereas the
767, even the -400, is notably smaller. So I think the comparison
isn't very fair. We should be comparing the A330 to the 777.