Re: Question on 767 elevators.

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:08 
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Andre <> wrote ...
> What conditions can cause a elevator split operation in flight?

There was much discussion on this subject after the EgyptAir flight.  If one
pilot pushes his control yoke forward, and the other yoke is pulled back,
then the elevators will split in the direction required.  This is to
compensate for a loss of ailerons and/or rudder control.

If the Captain pushes forward, and the FO pulls back, then the elevator on
the left side will tilt down, while the elevator on the right side will tilt
up, causing the plane to roll to the right.  It effectively turns them into
elevlons. (Is this the right word/spelling?)  Combination elevators and
ailerons.  Quite common on the last few fighter models.  (F14, F15, F16,
FA18, etc..) and other planes.

Oh, and I suppose that someone would bring this up.  A mechanical and/or
electrical problem *could* cause it, but it would be uncommanded.  I assumed
that you meant a commanded split.  8^)

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