Re: SR111 entertainment system?

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:04 
From:         Donald Mamula <>
Organization: Institute for Advanced Thought
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On 17 Dec 99 01:57:34 , (General Tso) wrote:
>On  a recent documentary on he Discovery Channel, the fire aboard SR111 was
>attributed to the wiring in the "now banned entertainment system."    Also the
>United Honolulu cargo door mishap was also blamed on wiring.  I wasn't aware
>that such conclusions had been officially reached, or that an entertainment
>system installed on MD-11 has been banned.    Comments?

FWIW -- UA no longer operates the "Airshow" inflight tracking system.  They
have not officially said it was for safety reasons, but every time you fly
on an aircraft equipped with the system, they now say that the system is
"unavailable" today.

The source of this info are two friends who are UA international FA's -
information provided independently from each, who are usually reliable

IMO (and opinion alone) UA feels that there may be enough of a connection to
warrant this move as a precautionary measure.  Your own conclusions may