Re: SR111 entertainment system?

Date:         31 Dec 99 02:09:01 
From:         "O'NEEL Bruce" <>
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General Tso writes:
> On  a recent documentary on he Discovery Channel, the fire aboard SR111 was
> attributed to the wiring in the "now banned entertainment system."    Also the
> United Honolulu cargo door mishap was also blamed on wiring.  I wasn't aware
> that such conclusions had been officially reached, or that an entertainment
> system installed on MD-11 has been banned.    Comments?

  Well, it's pretty much banned on the SwissAir MD11 flights I've been
on.  Business class now has the normal economy class screen, and
First, according to SwissAir, has individual players which plug into
the laptop sockets.

  For more details I poked around starting at

  SwissAir has filed a complaint against both "Interactive Flight
Technologies Inc., the supplier of the inflight entertainment system
carried aboard the aircraft, Hollingsead International, the company
which installed the system, and Santa Barbara Aerospace, the company
which certificated it. The complaints are a precautionary measure
taken to ensure that the plaintiffs retain a right of recourse: this
right would otherwise have lapsed one year after the accident."

  You are correct though that no official conclusions have been
reached.  I tried but my version of netscape and
their site aren't happy together today.  To the best of my recall,
this model of flight entertainment system was only installed on
SwissAir MD11 and 747 airplanes, so, given that SwissAir has banned
them from their planes no one is currently using them.



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