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Date:         31 Dec 99 02:08:59 
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>    What is happening to the 727? I love that aircraft, and can't stand the
>obvious replacement, the MD-9X.

There are two aircraft which might fit the "MD-9X" designation -- the
MD-95 (since renamed 717-200) and the MD-90-30.  The former is far too
small to be a reasonable 727 replacement.  The MD-90-30 might fit the
bill, but with 109 delivered and only five more to be built (Boeing is
no longer taking orders for this aircraft), it's hardly an obvious 727
replacement at this point.

One could quite reasonably argue that the A320 has been the most direct
replacement for the 727, and it has sold quite well.  Boeing entered the
727 replacement market rather late, with the 737-800, another solid
seller.  (The predecessor of that plane, the 737-400, came up a bit
short on both seats and range for many airlines.)

>    Why did Boeing quit producing the 727?????? Stupid. Stopped it in the
>prime of it's life.

They stopped producing it because they weren't getting enough orders to
justify keeping the production line open.  The orders had dried up due
to the 757, which could carry more payload further for less money.  In
retrospect, the fact that the 757 was a bit bigger than the 727-200 left
an opening for Airbus to introduce the A320, but the question was not
whether the 727 was going to be replaced but rather what aircraft was
going to do the job.

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