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Date:         17 Dec 99 01:58:00 
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>Can somebody please tell me why the basic fuel capacity on the A318,
>A319 and A320 is 23860 litters and 'only' 23700 litters on the A321.

Litters?  Do they use kittens and/or puppies for fuel?!  :-)

One possibility is that the A321's higher weight requires additional
structure in the wing and/or landing gear which takes space used by
fuel tankage on the smaller models.

It could also simply be that some structures are sufficiently weight-
limited to render additional fuel tankage on the A321 useless.

Finally, it could be the result of larger engines.  For the 747-400,
Boeing lists a lower fuel capacity with GE engines than with PW or
RR.  This is due to different structures changing the shape of the
available fuel tankage and/or the need to keep fuel away from hot
sections of the engines, the location of which varies between each
design.  Similarly, looking at the CFM56 engines for the A320 family,
the CFM56-5A series is usually used on the A319/A320, whereas the
A321 requires the CFM56-5B series (also an option for the smaller
models).  These engines are 3.5" longer and 275 lbs heavier, either
of which could take away fuel capacity on the A321 (and smaller models
using the CFM56-5B series engines).

>Also why is the four wheel bogie option not offered on the A321. At
>least the A32X sales book which I have  has this information ...

It was a special for Indian Airlines.  I don't know of anyone else who
ordered it, and I got the impression that Airbus didn't like having to
do it for IA.  Like the single 757-200 Combi, it may have been something
the sales critters sold but the rest of the company would prefer to
forget.  Do they offer it on the A319?  I'd guess not.

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