Re: CV-990 Aft Fan

Date:         17 Dec 99 01:57:58 
From: (Afwtul1)
Organization: AOL
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>If you can track down a picture
>taken from the front, you can see this.

The American Airlines, C.R. Smith Museum in Fort Worth Texas has a
section with many photo's of AA's 990's.

> Or, maybe you'll be lucky enough
>to see an actual CV990 up close.

I was up at Mojave in July of 1997, and there was a 990 there. In fact,
in the pictures I have, its registration number is N990AB.

>When viewed from directly in front, the engine intake looks like two
>concentric circles.  The smaller circle is the intake of the jet engine
>itself; air is routed around the engine to the aft-fan; and another
>nacelle encapsulates the whole thing.

My claim to 990 fame is that while attending Texas Aero Tech at Love
Field in Dallas (1989), the school had 2 CJ-805's we got to work on and
borescope. Of course these were nowhere functional, but since the school
had been closed for 5 or 6 years now, wonder what could have happened to
these engines?