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Date:         01 Feb 99 02:37:26 
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  "Niel Solomon" <> wrote:
> All,
> I love aviation. I seem to travel in 737's a lot and want to know more about
> its operation. Where can I get a pilot's flying operational manual for a
> 737? I understand there are two levels of manuals, one is more highly
> technical, the other  more down-to-earth with practical piloting language. I
> am interested in the latter.

If you have trouble finding 737-specific technical documents (and I'm afraid
you will), you might try paying a visit to a local pilot's shop.  You can
probably find such a store at a general aviation airport near you.  Typically
they will carry training materials for people studying for their transport-
category certificate.  Some of these are devoted to aircraft systems that
apply to most modern passenger aircraft.

In particular, Jeppesen prints a book called "Transport Category Aircraft
Systems" by T. Wild that appears to have all sorts of interesting technical
nuggets.  I haven't bought it (yet), but I remember seeing detailed sections
with diagrams about things like hyraulic fluid routings, autopilot mechanisms
and lavatory systems (!).  Unfortunately, Amazon and B&N will only sell you
this book on 5-week backorder.

If you find a source for real Boeing documentation, be sure to let the
newsgroup know!


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