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Date:         17 Dec 99 01:57:41 
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>Does any US flag carrier still operate the EXPENSIVE L10's?

Delta still flies a decent number of them, though the fleet is dwindling
rapidly.  TWA got rid of their last one a year or so ago.  The only other
US majors which flew them in significant numbers were Eastern and Pan Am,
both long gone.  United got six from Pan Am in 1986, but they only lasted
a few years.

Amongst smaller passenger carriers in the US, I think American Trans Air
still has a few, and I regularly see some painted for Pleasant Hawaiian
Holidays.  That's it so far as I can think of.

>Or had the MD11 replaced them all.

For the domestic missions, Delta is replacing them with the 767-300 and
soon the 767-400.  Internationally, Delta switched to the MD-11 and the
767-300(ER), depending on loads and range.  The MD-11 doesn't have the
needed range with a decent load for the Pacific, though, so it's being
replaced by the 777-200(ER) in that market.

TWA replaced their L-1011s with 767-300(ER)s (international) and smaller
aircraft like the 757-200 and MD-80 (domestic).  No MD-11s to be seen.

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