Re: CV-990 Aft Fan

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:10:16 
From: (Joe Castleman)
Organization: Gyrofrog Communications
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  or MIME structure (Ron Parsons) wrote:
>With the engine in question, the aft fan was completely inclosed within
>the cowling. Only the larger diameter overall gave it away compared to the
>non-fan version on its predecessor.

Yep, from most angles, it just looks like larger-than-normal engine pods.
When viewed from directly in front, the engine intake looks like two
concentric circles.  The smaller circle is the intake of the jet engine
itself; air is routed around the engine to the aft-fan; and another
nacelle encapsulates the whole thing.  If you can track down a picture
taken from the front, you can see this.  Or, maybe you'll be lucky enough
to see an actual CV990 up close.

(I've only seen one CV990 "in person" in my life.  This was more than 20
years ago, at a transportation museum in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I think
that at the time it may have been a new display, as I remember some people
working on it.)

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