Re: 2 vs 4 engines: R&D costs too much ?

Date:         03 Dec 99 02:10:15 
From:         "Kostas Farmakis" <>
Organization: FORTHnet S.A.
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> My point is that, I like the idea of that third engine ---
> losing one engine on a twin means you cannot lose
> one more. And I am a huge fan of the 777 but this
> is my only caveat with this magnificent aircraft.

I mostly agree. The third engine was added back on these days to provide
additional thrust for the widebodies. As technology was going forward the
extra thrust came from the two engines so the third could be eliminated from
the designs. Along with the thrust improvement came the safety improvement.
Thats why we can reliably fly with two engines. Losing both of them is a
horrible scenario but statistics show that losing two engines in a 777or
A330 or whatever is more unlikely to happen than losing three engines those
days in a DC-10 or a L-1011